Craft Beer Festival 2017

The second edition of School of Life's Craft Beer Festival!  

The end of summer is getting close and even though, you are still enjoying your frozen margarita’s we are already preparing your drinks for October. Because, who says you can only enjoy festivals during summer? Who else could it be than School of Life making a difference?
Therefore, we, School of Life and Ambassadors, are proud to announce after great success, the second edition of the Craft Beer Festival on the 8th of October 2017!
We have gathered Amsterdam's finest breweries and food trucks again at an amazing location; Edel.
During this day we will entertain you with upcoming music artists, a lottery and other special acts.
From School of Life to you, from you to the children supported by School of Life.
There is more to be announced so make sure you stay up to date! But make sure to buy your ticket
School of Life and Ambassadors

Craft Beer Festival 2017

Dam tot Damloop 2017

The 17th of September, School of Life will take part in the Dam tot Damloop with 70 participants. Since the beginning of March we have started preparing with a team of dedicated people for this race. With the support of several bootcamp and running clubs we have become closer towards our goal of 16 kilometers!

This event is not only about reaching that finish line but also supports School of Life. Therefore, each candidate has launched its own Pifworld page. On this page the possibility is created to donate money that will be raised for education in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Already we would like to thank all of you who supports us during the preparations and we are looking forward to see you at the finish line!

You'll hear more from us after the race but would you like to stay up to date with the preparations, follow us on our Facebook!

SOL Sensation 2017

The 11th of June, SOL had its first edition of SOL Sensation at WattWorks, Amsterdam. 3 rounds, 45 participants, sweat, competition and spinning were commonplace.

School of Life would like to thank everyone who participated during this event.

The day started off early, preparing all food & beverages for the participants who were about to burn a lot of calories. Around 11.30 the first spinners arrived at the location and were excited to jump on their bicycles. At exactly 12 o’clock we were off on our way to the top of the Mont Ventoux with the professional guidance of trainers Loek and Sander. After 50 minutes of an intensive work-out, the exhausted and red faces were entering our green room. Where hydrating drinks and delicious food was waiting.

We spent the day with repeating our work out for 3 hours, with each hour new participants. Even though, everyone cycled individually the team spirit was there as we all had the same goal, raising awareness and money for School of Life. A successful sports event with your support! The photos are available on our Facebook.

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You are so close to the official registration for the Dam tot Damloop 2017! The only thing we need from you is to fill in the registration form on the left and transfer the required amount of €38.50 to 
Charity School of Life
NL60 ABNA 0508 0588 05

Only than you are fully registered

Afterwards you will receive an e-mail with more information about the event! 






Craft Beer Festival 2016

Craft Beer Festival 2016

On the 20th of November, School of Life organized their first annual Craft Beer festival. That afternoon, the most upcoming beer breweries had the opportunity to present their craft beers to a big audience.

This was a great success and a day to relive. In order to share the best experience of this event you, Kiki Bosman (blogger) has described this lovely day in detail.

Craft Beer Festival Blog by Kiki Bosman.

I guess we all know them; these typical autumn Sunday afternoons on which you’re simply craving for a beer. In that case there are several options to consider. Go visit one of these ‘’brown bars’’ in the Jordaan where your beer will be served by an old and grumpy bartender, organize your own pub-crawl through the city ÓR, in case of great, great luck, there will be a Craft Beer Festival somewhere nearby. ‘’Coincidentally’’, the 20th of November was one of these lucky autumn Sundays! To make it even better, this festival was not just like any beer festival, no, it was a very special one, with many extraordinary elements. First of all, a festival organized by Hotelschool students already confirms the chance of succeeding. In addition to that, the ‘’line-up’’ of the festival included highlights to which only cool people would be attracted☺. Think of a lottery, a performance by The Voice of Holland participants, a talented jazz band and good-vibe songs played by two DJ’s ♫.

Last but definitely not least, the festival was based around the School of Life charity. This foundation is initiated to support education for the less privileged children in our world. This implies that all the €1934,86 collected with the consumed beers and the lottery tickets were donated to School of Life.

It’s like 1+1=3; getting tipsy on beers with a high alcohol content while simultaneously making the world a better place. So after a challenging cycle tour through the extreme wind force on that day, where everyone was avoiding to be hit by branches, we were warmly (literally and figuratively) welcomed at the Westerliefde. So many familiar faces of which so many were offering me a tasting zip of their beer; I could become tipsy without having to spend any money!But obviously I wanted to contribute to the charity as well so I bought plenty coins and over-enthusiastically acquired so many lottery tickets that I would almost be impossible to nót win anything. I was especially aiming for the €150 voucher to spend at the Tunes bar, but anything else would make me happy as well. Unfortunately, it seemed that I wasn’t one of the lucky bastards… Whatever, the lottery was presented in such a nice way that I felt like I paid for the fun show rather than for the lottery tickets.

No, it didn’t matter, because this Sunday was not just like any Sunday. The atmosphere was so pleasant and everyone looked so happy while they were enjoying their local beer crafts, crafted to raise money to support education.

If you weren’t on this magic Sunday, I am certain that reading all this makes you greatly regretting your absence.



Wondering how it looked like? Make sure you check out the after movie: 

Charity Dinner

Charity Dinner

In January 2016, School of Life organized a dinner and auction for friends and family at Duin & Kruidberg, a prestigious estate in Haarlem. It was a beautiful evening, and thanks to all the generous donations and active participation at the auction and lottery, a total amount of €5565 was raised that evening! It could not have turned out any better. The food was spectacular, especially since the menu was designed by the Michelin-star chef Alain Alders.

A special thanks to Duin & Kruidberg and all the friends and families present during that evening!

table dinner space room-2