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“We make a living by what we get,
but make a life by what we give.”

– Winston Churchill

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“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.”


School of Life is a charity foundation initiated by members of Student Association Comitas (S.A. Comitas), part of Hotelschool the Hague, campus Amsterdam. This initiative is brought to life in order to give something students take for granted, back to society, there where it is needed the most. The foundation provides loans to Hotel con Corazon, a Dutch foundation that builds hotels in order to invest 75% of their profits into supporting the education of children around the world. School of Life supports all their expansion projects in order to ultimately invest in the support and development of the future of the educated students, in order to improve the well-being in local communities. Please refer to Our Mission for more information. 

As a charity foundation, School of Life raises money by organizing events, receiving donations and attracting sponsors. Every initiative to extend these channels is welcome!


'Every child has the right for education, no matter where they are. Together we want to build a brighter future, provide broad opportunities and a better well-being for both the children and the community around them'

The moment School of Life got involved in the story of Hotel con Corazon, it made many realize there is still so much ground to gain in supporting children’s educational future. Therefore School of Life is certain that what Hotel con Corazon currently does is the key for a child's brighter future. To further realize this, School of Life will ultimately create a platform for these children, where they can put their knowledge into practice after enjoying Hotel con Corazon's educational programme. By investing in Hotel con Corazon, School of Life will create a capital and network that will ensure that within 15 years we will be able to realize this platform.

A few facts:

  • In developing countries every additional year of education can increase a person's future income by an average of 10%
  • Almost 70 million children around the world are prevented from going to school each day

For us, these are two of many reasons why School of Life wants to make a difference and give back to the community what the western world already considers as ordinary.

As School of Life strives to be as inclusive as possible values will be the core of our foundation. For a detailed list please click the link.


We would like to introduce to you a brand new successful charity foundation School of Life.

School of Life is a foundation established by Student Association Comitas. S.A. Comitas is the Student Association of Hotelschool The Hague, campus Amsterdam. By having a Charity Board in their association, Comitas strives to add more value to their organization by improving the possibilities of education for children in less developed countries to make them self-supportive. 
The board of School of Life always consists of four students of Hotelschool The Hague in Amsterdam, who voluntarily and passionately dedicate their free time to this important cause. 

The board and its ambassadors put more than 100% of our effort into this foundation to organise the most spectacular events to raise money in order to meet the goals. 






‘I am privileged to have the opportunity to actually mean something for others. People in third world countries do not have the same opportunities as we do. Everyone should have the chance to go to school and have a proper education. My personal mission is to not only work and live for myself, but next to this, help others too. School of Life empowers me to actually do something for these children and to help them realize their dreams’.



Education should be a human right. Unfortunately, nowadays education is a privilege and not that chance every child has the right to get. Therefore, joining the board of School of Life is a great honour and opportunity to endorse Hotel Con Corazon to provide the youths with access to education of good quality in order to improve their self-sustainability’.



‘I cannot describe how pleased I am to be part of School of Life. This foundation provides education to the ones that do not have this opportunity, like you and me. Surprised by the fact that nowadays education is still not provided everywhere around the globe gave me the motivation to support this even more. School of Life is there to create awareness around this problem and with your support we can make a difference’.



‘I have the honour to succeed the amazing Stephan Poot, former treasurer of School of Life. The coming year, it will be my responsibility to perform the financial and PR activities with regards to all sponsorships. As a Treasurer I will exceed my limits and do everything in my power to reach our goals and raise money for those who need it the most. But I am not alone and very much depending on the collaboration with my great board members. I am proud to combine my masculine instinct together with their feminine talent and sense to find the perfect balance in order to make it the most profitable year ever!’

Who do we support?

School of Life supports Hotel con Corazon, a charity organisation founded back in 2008 by two eager entrepreneurs who came up with a solution to one of the worlds largest problems; lack of educational support around the globe.  

By building Hotel con Corazon in different cities and countries, the community and their children are helped. Through operating these hotels, Hotel con Corazon gains revenues and profits of which 75% returns directly to the local community. By supporting children with their education, their future opportunities will enlarge and enrich. 

Currently, Hotel con Corazon operates one hotel in Granada, Nicaragua, which already resulted in the following:

• More children finish their primary school

• The government followed up on this by building a secondary school in the neighbourhood. 

• Local parents start to understand the need for education 

• First Corazon-grant student graduated

These results created the vision of expanding the organisation to other countries and their cities. Therefore, Hotel con Corazon initiated a expansion programme of building 10 hotels within the upcoming 10 years. In order to realise this, Hotel con Corazon made great progress in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

To ensure this specific project will be a succes, School of Life will continue to support by raising money which will be invested in Oaxaca.

For further information on Hotel con Corazon and their projects please visit the website:



 The end of summer is getting close and even though, you are still enjoying your frozen margarita’s we are already preparing your drinks for October. Because, who says you can only enjoy festivals during summer? Who else could it be than School of Life making a difference? 
Therefore, we, School of Life and Ambassadors, are proud to announce after great success, the second edition of the Craft Beer Festival on the 8th of October 2017! 
We have gathered Amsterdam's finest breweries and food trucks again at an amazing location; Edel. 
During this day we will entertain you with upcoming music artists, a lottery and other special acts. 
From School of Life to you, from you to the children supported by School of Life.
There is more to be announced so make sure you stay up to date! But make sure to buy your ticket

We are training for the Dam tot Damloop the 16th of September. Hope to see you there!


School of Life has organized very successful events read about our events and do you want to know more about our upcoming events?

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